The Music Academy Schloss Weikersheim

is one of Germany’s largest Music Academies. It is managed by Jeunesses Musicales Germany (JMD). The Castle building, the magnificent Castle gardens, and the Music Academy offer a magical place for music, for inspired rehearsals and encounters with one another.

Weikersheim has the perfect facilities for music groups who come to the Music Academy for rehearsal weeks or camps. They can rent instruments, from timpani to trumpets, make use of the extensive music library and rehearse in the Castle in small or large groups.

JM Germany is also part of Jeunesses Musicales International, reckoned the world’s largest NGO for youth and music. Weikersheim is a “World Meeting Centre” of this world association. Therefore, the Music Academy Schloss Weikersheim also regularly hosts international meetings and courses. The World Youth Choir or “JM Jazz World”, just to name a few, are regular guests for their rehearsal weeks. Furthermore, participants from all over Europe and overseas join the JM International Chamber Music Campus or the International Opera Academy.

Anyone who has been here once, who has slept in the Logierhaus (JM Germany’s guest house), and who has taken a morning walk across the Market Square and through the Castle Gardens with an instrument case in his or her hand, knows it: the “Weikersheim effect”. Once you have experienced the unique atmosphere of the Music Academy in Weikersheim, you will not want to miss it anymore – and hence return again and again.



The entire team
of the Music Academy Schloss Weikersheim